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Laptop Maintenance by Stallion Microsystem Laptop Repair Center

Stallion Microsystem provides you with quality maintenance after the along with the laptop repair services. If you can follow some basics of laptop computer maintenance, you can easily make sure that the laptop is going good for a considerable period of time and there won’t be much need for the repair services at large. We would like to provide you with certain pointers or tips for your laptop maintenance – we must not forget that preventive measures which are always better than cure.

A little care from your part in association with the maintenance tips from our professional

expertisecan extend the life span of your laptop.

Ways To Clean

Your laptop is a precious one and it is really important to care enough care while cleaning it especially the screen. We have got to use clean, lint-free an soft cloth which will ensure the most effective cleaning without causing any sort of damage or leaving spots on the screen at any chance.

It is important to remember that no cleaner
should be directly put on the laptop screen rather the cleaning cloth must be utilized to apply the cleaner and clean with it effectively. The cleaning cloth as a result will naturally catch the dirt and impurities present on the laptop screen. Not only that, the cleaning spray must be carefully chosen as the laptop screen is quite expensive, sensitive and sophisticated. Concentrated sprays without the standardization might bring discoloration to the screen or even can damage it by causing a crack. Plain water or vinegar proves to be the most effective as far as the cleaning of the screen is concerned.

Data Backup

Along with cleaning, it is always important to take a back up of your data stored in the hard disk. In cases of breakage or any other sort of damage related to hard disk, there might be a possible loss of data. A data back-up will give you convenience and relaxation even amidst the hazards.  .

Take care of Power Adapter

It is imperative not to pull or twist the AC adapter and power cord or put anything on them in order to avoid the damage they can incur. These are generally not covered in laptop warranty in most of the laptop computer models.

Warranty & Invoice

The papers and documents related to the laptop must be ensured in order to avail the laptop repair and replacement services in a professional manner. Some laptops come up with both national and international warranty which provides a wider dimension of availing services while traveling. Any extended warranty option, if available must be checked out before the warranty period is over.
Keeping the Laptop

As hard drives operate on magnetic flux, it should be made sure that your laptop is at least 13 cm away from any electrical appliance that generates a strong magnetic field. The hard disk and the data inside it must be protected from the damage that might be incurred with the nearness to an electric field.

Give it a Break

In case you need to shut down your laptop, give it some time to take rest – it will allow the hard drive to spun down reducing the chance of sudden switching on and off.

Clean Your Hard Disk

You must check whether there is any temporary file in your hard disk and erase them on a regular basis. Along with that, there must be an uninstallation of software program from the hard disks when they are not required otherwise, they can consume a lot of space unnecessarily. Recommended disk cleaners should be used to keep the laptop clean. When you have enough empty space in the laptop, there will never be any freeze out. This maintenance tip might not solve any problems away, but it’s the handiest insurance measure you have against wiping your data.

No Hard Booting

Unless there is any Windows hang, hard booting should never be taken as a standard way of shutting down the computer. In certain occasions, we feel like pressing down the power button of the laptop to shut it off. Make sure, this can surely cause data loss or any other sort of internal damage to the sensitive parts.

Caution while using Accessories

Be extremely cautious in using accessories of a laptop - these devices when improperly inserted in the wrong port or slot can cause major damage to the laptop computer. So it is important to make sure that the Pen drive, USB modem or the Ethernet jack are to be put in the proper places inside the laptop.
Laptop Battery Care

We must use the original charger for the battery and extreme care must be taken to make sure that there is no overcharging or over-discharging of the battery. The battery should be charged in full after it gets automatically powered off. Since in most of the cases, we get 6 month warranty on the laptop battery, the battery must not be kept unused for long and the AC adapter must be switched off your when the laptop is not in use.

For the purpose of extending the life of the battery, we need to decrease the LCD brightness while using the notebook, activate the ‘Standby’ and ‘Hibernation’ power-saving modes and remove the battery pack from the laptop after discharging it fully when the laptop is not in use for a long period of time. The batteries are better to be kept in cool dry place, away from heat, humidity, dust and metals.

Use A Laptop Case

A laptop case is ideally hard from the outside and soft on the inside, which helps to absorb shocks and carry the accessories comfortably. It takes just an extra thousand or a couple of thousand rupees but ensures an extensive protection for the laptop as a whole. Dust is a laptop’s nemesis, it’ll work its way inside the chassis and risks clogging fans and overheating your PC’s components. There are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of dust finding its way into your computer though. he easiest is to keep it safely concealed in a case or sleeve when not in use. If dust does work its way inside though, you can blast it free using a small can of compressed air.

Keep Eatables Away

Even a little amount of water or moisture can cause major damage to the sensitive parts of the laptop and can also bring short-circuit. It is advisable not to take food or water near the laptop computer.  It has the biggest chance to spill water which can percolate through the keyboard. There is also a chance of catching bugs when there is any food leakage inside through the keyboard. In these cases, the laptop must be unplugged, switched off and turned over to let the water or food particles come out. It’s better to wait for some time with patience so that they may get out before restarting the laptop.