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Stallion Microsystem, your favorite laptop repair service center in Kolkata provides comprehensive laptop repair service 24 x 7 x 365 with manufacturer guarantee on spare parts.

We have got universal solution to any category of damage to your laptop parts – be it with the screens, power jacks, inverters or keyboards. Our goal is to bring technical repair for your laptop computer or notebook parts in the best possible way. In the worst of case, there would be a replacement for sure. For us, more than 85% of the laptop related issues can be fixed by

our experienced service engineers. Not only that, we commit ourselves in bringing possible

solution in the least period of time in order to give you the delivery on time. We know that importance of time and the preciousness of your possession.

Service Procedure
We analyze the problem on the basis of your feedback call
For minor problem related to your laptop computer and notebook, we can help you fix them up by yourself
Our client support executive will check out whether you are able to fix it up after calling over the phone
If the problem persists, we would request you to bring the laptop here at our workshop
Our service engineers would carefully analyze the actual problem on the basis of their experience
We would provide you the required price for the for the laptop repair services and the price for the replacement parts
On mutual agreement and confirmation, we would proceed with our repair service
For analysis and checking, there would be no charges for the services
To cover the major type of damage and repair, we would request you to keep your laptop with us
On your consent, we will give green signal to our service engineers to take care of the repair work.
If we submit the laptop for repair, then a copy of valid GR File would be given to you mentioning every small detail of you laptop parts along with serial number.
We will make your signature on screen, ram, hdd, keyboard, dvd, motherboard, panels and charger.
We can get the laptop back to its normal position in fully repaired condition within 48 hours.
We accept payment in cash or wire transfer at the time of delevery.
A warranty of 1 year on new spare parts will be maintain from the billing date.
A warranty of 3 months will be valid for any chip level repair.
Service Highlights
Spot Repairing in front of the clients in the majority of cases
Efficient 48 hours delivery commitment for the cases where spot repairing is not possible
All the repair activities in conformation to our services are done after taking the approval from the clients
No Inspection or Estimate charges taken whether you proceed to avail the repair services or not
We charge Rs.600 only for the repair services which is quite cost-effective and other than this there is no hidden cost
We provide one of the most competitive service and spare rates as compared to majority of professional laptop repair service providers
We provide genuine spare parts with 100% manufacturer warranty
Our Service Warranty is for Flexible Days from 30 to 365
We are able to provide the best laptop repair in India.
Every type of laptop and notebook repairs are done by the qualified and experienced engineers
We work 24 x 7 x 365 in our workshop and are able to provide you online support round the 24 Hour clock
We have managed to fix more than hundreds of laptop computers every month and that too for a considerable period of time - Around 8 years
Our technical lab is equipped with almost all the advanced level diagnostic and repair instruments needed for any sort laptop repair
Our technical testing and quality control unit is there to calculate fault tolerance which maintains the standard of our quality repair services
We are ready to provide chip level resident engineers to your business to support you at your workshop.
Service Facts
Don't purchase a new motherboard for your laptop, It is totally repairable with warranty as new one and costing as one fourth.
Trust only the experts don't let anyone tampered with your system.
A quality service can enhance a laptop's lifetime.
LCD or LED Screens are repairable to some extent.
Restart and hang problem occurs mostly due to software issue.
Always place the laptop on cooler pad. It will exhaust the heat and prevent your laptop from frequent restart as well as extend it's life.
If the laptop would not be used for a long time, seperate the battery from the laptop with 50% to 70% charge remaining.
Always keep your laptop in cool and dry place absolutely free from insects.
Please download the service manual before disassembly your laptop.
Clean Your Hard Disk once a week.
It is mandatory to have a strong antivirus installed in your system..
Backup all your data regularly.
Keep eatables away from your laptop.
Take care of your Warranty & Invoice papers.
It is advisable to get a sturdy carry-case for your laptop. The case should be hard from the outside and soft on the inside. It should be able to absorb shocks and carry your laptop accessories.
Make sure your laptop is at least 13 cm away from any electrical appliance that generates a strong magnetic field – such as a microwave oven.
Make sure you don’t spray any cleaner directly on the screen. Instead, spray onto the cleaning cloth.